Farewell is hard… and other life lessons

‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard’
– Winnie the Pooh

It’s been a jam-packed few days, as I’ve travelled across Victoria on an epic ten day journey. And my goodness there have been some laughs…

Only returning late this afternoon, I find myself alone for the first time in days and feel such a range of emotions. Mostly love. With a side of exhaustion.

The list of people I caught up with (and I really was devastated to miss some):
– The Parentals: Gerry with the red hair, and Big (gay) Al
– My ex colleague Scotty, a driven, yet humble and admirable tower of a man
– Emma, one of my oldest, dearest friends, and her beautiful family
– Haydn, who predictably is now addicted to 2048, and just as predictably has clocked it many times to my none. If you don’t know it – do yourself a favour and DON’T download this addictively impossible game (unless you’re a genius like Haydn)
– My mate Steve, officially off the market now – Congratulations loverrrrs  xx
– My ex-CEO, Sandra, generously giving me her last moments before jetting off to the UK
– My friend Marco, and later my cousin Sarah
– Dave (aka Mario), short in height, generous in hand gesture
– Melanie and her family of amusing people and animals
– Jelena, my country-obsessed travel companion and hopeful future farm-dweller
– New mother, Jess, who always makes time for me, and her munchkin Ava
– My ‘big sister’ Peta (bless her, she spent 48 hours referring to Jelena as “Frenchie” before realising she is actually a Serb), her husband George, and her family of award-winning children
– My second parents, Issey and David (complete with new hip – all the better to dance with my dears)
– Vini, my first love
– Debra from Mundari wines – it was such a pleasure to meet this woman. Wine also good, but outshone by its owner!
– My beautiful cousin Amy, and her two boys Jake and Ned (one is husband, one animal).
– Michele – best hugger in the land, and her very popular partner Mick ( I am now a Mick fan!)
– The always welcoming, ever supportive Bear and Chill

It’s been cray. I’ve travelled from Sydney to Melbourne, to Gippsland, to Melbourne, to Swan Hill (with stops in Malmsbury and Kerang), to Bendigo, to Heathcote, to Bendigo again and finally back to Melbourne. But so worth it.

So the life lessons:
– Tea and Sudoku = soup for the soul.
– De-boning a chicken is not easy.
– Stuffing a quail makes you feel just as violated as you imagine the quail must feel.
– Brrrrrrrrrrrruce, is not in fact mentioned in the ELO song “Don’t bring me down”. Apparently it is in fact a reference to a Karl Grrrrrrrrrroos, a philosopher and psychologist.
– Every time I go back to the Mallee, I fall in love further with its picturesque Australian beauty. So much to appreciate.
– In the country, dinner is often referred to as tea. This can confuse people who are not from the country. Especially if they don’t drink tea. And are definitely hungry at dinner time.
– Through the eyes of a foreigner, a new appreciation can be found in even the mundane.
– It’s the people, not the place, who feel like home. If you find that, my advice is never leave.
– Regrets are powerful. Harbouring them can be brutal. You really do only get one life. Your best move is always forward.
– Denial has an expiry. At some point you have to face the music (and in my case, the boxes… it’s time to pack NOW).
– Some people are supposed to be transient in your life. Everyone is here to teach us something. Some of the lessons are life long, some are not. Sometimes your part is to teach them. Humbly, and with love.
– Saying goodbye will always hurt with some people. They are just a part of your soul. Which is why even when we evolve, when you see these people it always feels as though nothing has changed.
– Those who have had the conversation know that I have a very short list of people who have crossed me unforgivably (work related). I threw that out. I have a new list now: People who give the greatest hugs in the world 🙂 Namely Michele, my Dad, Vini, Emma, Steve and David (who is like a second father). These people give their everything to you. So warmly.
– While time is important, it’s not of the utmost importance. And when you’re with some people, there will never be enough of it. I’ve decided time is probably my worst enemy…
– There’s nothing better than seeing the people you love happy. Especially if you’re planning to put a large distance between you.
– There are people in my life with huge hearts. And fuck I love them all.

Now… time for me to get packing… because time is not my friend.


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