Squiggly Lines

Plodding straight on as the days roll along
It can feel like its circles at times
So don’t wait to be asked 
Take a step off that path
And start moving in squiggly lines

As life would have it, I’ve been given the opportunity recently to review my world as I know it – as I have illustrated my life to date. After some inner reflection I’ve found I am placed with one key decision which will no doubt plague me again sooner rather than later: what shall I do next?

Narrowed down to four options:

  • Keep pushing myself further in my current industry for career growth and learning
  • Move into another industry, but still within the corporate world
  • Explore further some of the opportunities i’ve seen in the Art space
  • See the world

For me, having spent the last ten years pushing hard to establish myself in my chosen industry, the journey to option four was an unexpected one.

By process of elimination, I came to the conclusion that not only do I not want to return to my industry quite yet, but I’d very much like a break from the whole corporate world. Losing myself in the politics, the personalities, and the day to day has compromised my health, my happiness and my values at times – but most particularly across the last twelve months. This leaves two options – Art and Travel – both very tempting.

Across the past six months I’ve invested more of my time into the Art world, working at a local gallery, taking a casual job teaching at a paint and sip studio, enrolling in an Art School, and being involved in a commercial art project.

As an artist who has really only ever used acrylics, I’ve for a long time been self taught. You need orange? You mix red and yellow. You want something to look 3D? Add some shadow and light. One of the most fascinating things I’ve learned at Art School- and only in recent weeks – is that no matter the medium, you build from a base. You start with the core colours and shapes, and then continue to bring further detail through more colours, more textures, more strokes. This is the case for watercolour, for pastel, and has brought a new level of detail to my acrylics too. It’s been eye opening, and I know further studies in Art is something I want to explore, but I don’t believe I’m at quite the level I’d like to be to make a career from art.

Which brings me to the final option. Not selected by default at all, this was the one idea that my heart rested on. Of all four options, and the job opportunities I had to consider, I wanted my next move to be one I would be nothing less than certain about. And around my birthday, only a month ago, I suddenly knew.

As a Libran, I never know anything for sure. I am by character indecisive, throwing up positives and negatives on everything, and still coming up with nothing. When I do make decisions, I most often change my mind. The last serious decision I made about my life was to move to Sydney. It was what my heart wanted, and I knew it to be the right thing for me at the time. Four years later, this stands true. I love this city! And my time here has also drawn such contrast to my past homes (Melbourne, smalltown Swan Hill, and that one time I lived in Japan), leading me to appreciate them so much more. The certainty that I have around leaving now feels as true as when I made my decision to move here.

So time to sharpen my pencil and start drawing again. Time to illustrate anew! That’s not to say I want to take an eraser to everything I’ve created for myself. Not at all. It’s to expand on the illustration. To add highlights, inflections and details. To keep drawing on the base I’ve already created, and bring it even more to life.

To start adding some squiggly lines 🙂


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